The Promise of Sweat

Sweat can be used as a good measuring stick. It can let you know that its way too hot to be outside, as well as how hard your workout was that day, or maybe even help describe just how big of a man cold you have to your significant other. ( Yes it is a thing and Yes its as bad as we act like it is) Although all of these things are physical attributes for the common cause of sweat, its not exactly what I want to dive into for this entry. Lets take a look at something. How many people do you know, including yourself, have worked incredibly had on a project or job or school work only to fail miserably at it? If you are anything like me you have failed time and time again. This can really put a damper on things. it can be a damaging blow to your self esteem, willingness to maybe try new things, or even cause you to fail a class. This my friends is where we find ourselves in the magical world of ” The promise of sweat”.

So what exactly is “The promise of sweat” you say? The promise of sweat is the one thing that you can count on that will never lie to you and never let you down. The idea that hard work always pays off can be kind of misconstrued. A lot of us, including myself was brought up on this notion and somehow when it didn’t pan out as a “Win” for us, we tend to feel defeated. But guess what? Sweat was still there! Running down your brow as you were digging in those last final moments until completion. Even though the conclusion was not in your favor you changed from that moment on. Every step you took was a step towards a victory. You learned something more about yourself or maybe your job or maybe about some of the people around you.

I worked for a university for eight years as a strength and conditioning coach. At the time, I was able to be impactful to hundreds of athletes every year. This was the greatest job in the world during this time in my life. But change was coming. Change that was good for the university and maybe not so good for me. I firmly believed that all of my hard work and dedication towards the university and the program would definitely shine through but this was not the case for me. I felt like my soul had been removed and kicked around on the ground. What happened to hard work pays off huh? Well I will be more than glad to tell you how it does. Even though I did not win through my hard work, the promise of sweat was still there. I had sweat pouring when I was up all night cramming for tests to earn my degree, I had sweat pouring when I was mentoring young adults on a daily basis to provide a positive role and motivate them to succeed, I had sweat pouring out when I was coming home exhausted but still had a family to love on to encourage and teach and hold close to my heart . Although the things in our lives break their promises, sweat will always remain loyal and let you know that you are still in the game.

You see, our focus tends to be on the outcome of the war and never the battles it takes to win the war. Any good military strategist in the history of mankind understands this. So I ask you, the reader, what battles have you forgotten or ignored? What battles have you not noticed now? Its time to take inventory on yourself and allow these things to be moved to the front lines. Write these things down. Meditate over them, pray over them, share them with friends and family. You may be surprised just how many battles you won and never knew the outcome. Stay focused, Stay motivated, and most importantly stay humble! More to come soon! God Bless!

One Comment on “The Promise of Sweat

  1. Great Read! Remember, both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy; Sweat will get you change!!!


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