Throughout the course of mankind we have established a primitive nature that has allowed us to not only survive but to enable us to transform ourselves into a spiritually enlightened soul. This allowed us to be bound to the universal truth that we belong to something that is so much greater than ourselves. Primitive is defined as ” relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something.” After reading and really meditating on what this really means to me and even us as a society I cannot help but be emboldened in the definition. You see by definition alone, the primitive mindset allows you as an individual to always maintain an early stage of development. I am sure you are asking yourself , why exactly is that a good thing? Don’t worry, I asked myself the same question years ago. What this enables you to have is a fresh start. A new constant that allows the key word in the definition and that is development. This is what the primitive mind craves and this is exactly what this first post will cover. Read More

I would be remiss if I did not address the present situation that has engulfed our world as we know it. Covid-19 has swept across our planet leaving entire societies dismayed and full of fear by shutting down governments, causing mass hysteria, crumbling the world economy, and not to mention making people very ill and/or killing them or loved ones. This has forced us to retreat into our homes away from the support systems we rely on to just exist at times leaving us hopeless and full of doubt. So, what is it that we as humans lean on during this chaotic and unknowing time? Where does your individual mindset go when fear and discomfort arises and becomes the new norm? Allow me to take you on a journey that may indeed provide the hope you are looking for to embrace and hold onto that isn’t 98 rolls of toilet paper or even a man that thinks he is a king among cats. (albeit very interesting)

                This is a story of another king. One that lived over two thousand years ago in a land not so far away. His name was Jesus he is the king over my heart, and he may be the overall champion of “The Quarantine”. Before he began his ministry, Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. It was during this time that he fasted for forty day sand forty nights causing what I can only imagine extreme thirst and all while being in the desert being tempted by Satan to sin in order to make him and what he is invalid. If we look in Mathew 4:3-11, we can see how Satan used his tricks to deceive and cause confusion or offer a way out of what I can only imagine as misery. Jesus being Jesus responds to all his deception with scripture and ultimately casting him away with telling him he serves God Almighty and worships Him only. By Christ enduring this, not only does it show his holiness, it also ties in the old testament nature of who God is. In Deuteronomy chapter 8 we see how the Israelites were tested when they were in the wilderness and how through these tests God still provided. Verse 2- 3 states “ and you shall remember that the Lord you God led you all these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you , to know what was in your heart , whether you would keep his commandments or not. So he humbled you, allowed you to hunger and fed you with mana which you did not know nor did you fathers know , that he might make you know that man shall not live on bread alone, but lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.

                I know this seems like a lot and by all definitions it is! So, what should we take away from this? I think first we need to take a step back from all this chaos and fear and look at ho each of us are living while this is going on. Are we living the best way we can live while we are in the wilderness being tested or are we giving in to the deception? Are we being the light of Christ for our family, our social groups, and our community or are we living is self-preservation? Are we sending a positive message of hope and love or are we sending fear and false truths? In the wilderness, Jesus was preparing himself to be the light of the world. This was his mission. Ask yourself during this time, what is your mission and allow yourself to be led in Christ to accomplish every task that is being asked of you. The world may look like its full of fear and dread, but the fact of the matter is this is all a deception brought on to cause peril and dismay. Instead of falling victim, replace the hopelessness with the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow, and Jesus is still King. I want to leave you with a few personal words and scriptures to meditate on. Over the past five years I myself have been wondering in the wilderness being tested day after day. These scriptures enabled me to be strong on the days when I was weak and my only hope to you is that it will do the same. Be the light for each other you guys. Be that voice in the silence. Open up to each other and check on one another. Reach out to the elderly and poor to see if you can be that miracle for them. Last but not least, be there for your family. Strengthen them and provide for them so they may do the same and learn how to adjust and be a part of something bigger than themselves. We can achieve great things working together in unity and my prayers go out to all of you and everyone that is in the midst of the wilderness. May God bless you and protect you and display himself to you through these trying times. Amen


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The Promise of Sweat

Sweat can be used as a good measuring stick. It can let you know that its way too hot to be outside, as well as how hard your workout was that day, or maybe even help describe just how big of a man cold you have to your significant other. ( Yes it is a thing and Yes its as bad as we act like it is) Although all of these things are physical attributes for the common cause of sweat, its not exactly what I want to dive into for this entry. Lets take a look at something. How many people do you know, including yourself, have worked incredibly had on a project or job or school work only to fail miserably at it? If you are anything like me you have failed time and time again. This can really put a damper on things. it can be a damaging blow to your self esteem, willingness to maybe try new things, or even cause you to fail a class. This my friends is where we find ourselves in the magical world of ” The promise of sweat”. Read More